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Acknowledgements & Credits

Reticulum can only exist because of the mountain of Open Source work it was built on top of, the contributions of everyone involved, and everyone that has supported the project through the years. To everyone who has helped, thank you so much.

A number of other modules and projects are either part of, or used by Reticulum. Sincere thanks to the authors and contributors of the following projects:

The protocol design and reference implementation for Reticulum was carried out between 2014 and 2022 by Mark Qvist.

The Python reference implementation of Reticulum and this website is licensed under the MIT License. Please donate to support the continued development.

The Reticulum Protocol is the shared property of all people,
I contribute it to the public domain.

Dedicated with hope and belief in the future
freedom and prosperity of all,
on Earth and beyond.

Thank You